Too Good for Drugs - Middle School

Substance Use Prevention

At the middle school level, our lessons empower preteens to meet the challenges of middle school life, while fostering confidence and building resistance to substance abuse. At this level, students work on more complex goals while developing and practicing strong decision-making and communication skills.

Too Good for Drugs’ middle school lessons address the environmental and developmental risk factors related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs through the development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes teens need to make healthy decisions and resist substance use. Drug topics are discussed in the context of expectations, peer pressure and influence, and the role of the media. Interactive games and activities create an experiential learning environment, so students can learn and apply the skills in the classroom setting.

Additional skills and developmental topics build on the core social skill set to broaden the student’s sense of self-efficacy and confidence and are tailored to the intellectual, cognitive, and social development of the student. 

  • Media Literacy and Media Influence
  • Resisting Peer Pressure
  • Understanding Peer Influence
  • Understanding Addiction
  • Complex Social and Dating Relationships
  • Exploring Risk Taking and Differentiating Healthy and Unhealthy Risks

Substance use and its effects on the body are introduced when developmentally appropriate. More complex discussions are introduced at the Middle School level and progress in depth as the students mature.

  • Safe Use of Prescription and OTC drugs
  • Effects of Nicotine Use including ENDS
  • Effects of Alcohol Use
  • Effects of Marijuana  and THC Use
  • Effects of Street Drugs including Opioids and Stimulants
    Colleen D., Community Outreach Specialist

    "The holistic approach (school, student, family) to the program helps make sure that across the board the objectives are being supported and encouraged. The goal is to set the student up for success and this program helps the other adults in their lives to be a part of that as well."

    Colleen D., Community Outreach Specialist

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