Remote Learning Resources


Adjusting implementation strategies to meet the the needs of a remote learning or physically distant learning program requires careful consideration of the impact of changes to an evidence based program's fidelity model.  We have compiled resources and guidance for adaptation of the Too Good lessons to facilitate remote instruction and physical distancing in the classroom while maintaining minimal changes to the Too Good program fidelity models.

Remote Instruction

Student Workbooks: If your school has planned continued remote instruction, be sure to include your Too Good Student Workbooks in the materials packets you plan to distribute. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Lesson Delivery: We have compiled Guidance for Remote Instruction with both Live Video with real-time interaction and with Pre-recorded Video. We encourage you to review these recommendations and apply them to your remote learning program delivery. You can view the guidance here.

Support for Families: A selection of Out of School Activities to supplement your social-emotional wellness and prevention efforts are also available here.  These Activities have been designed for students to do independently or with their families to keep their social skills development active. These activities provide opportunities to practice key skills such as making responsible decisions, effective communication, and identifying and managing emotions. There are activities for each grade level, kindergarten through high school. These resources are not a replacement for the programs, but they do provide a way to keep students engaged while they’re at home, and can supplement your remote instruction by reinforcing key concepts.  

Frequently Asked Questions: Review the FAQs for additional guidance on recorded lessons, evaluation, and implementation in remote learning classrooms here

Physically Distanced Learning on Campus

To assist in your compliance with local health and safety mandates for in-school instruction, we have compiled social distancing adaptations for each volume of Too Good for Drugs, TGFV - A Peaceable Place, and TGFV - Social Perspectives

Detailed game and activity adjustments for each program can be found here

Please note that program materials including the Teacher's Manuals and Student Workbooks content may not be copied, uploaded, or reproduced.

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