Tax Information for Purchases

The Mendez Foundation collects applicable sales taxes on orders shipped to many jurisdictions in the United States.
Where sales tax applies, the order total presented at checkout will reflect the estimated sales tax due and collected. The final sales tax charged
on your order will be displayed in the order confirmation sent to you via e-mail. Shipping charges may also be subject to sales tax
in certain states.

How sales tax is calculated

We calculate sales tax in accordance with applicable state and local laws. The tax rate is based on the type of product or service purchased and
where your purchase is shipped. Sales tax is calculated with the tax rates set by the applicable taxing jurisdictions covering the shipment
destination address.

Tax Exempt Organizations

The Mendez Foundation is registered in most states and jurisdictions to collect and remit the appropriate sales tax. Customers exempt from
state sales tax must provide an exemption certificate prior to placing an order.

Non-profit organizations are not necessarily exempt from state sales tax, although they may be exempt from federal income tax. States have
specific requirements of documentation when claiming such an exemption.

Placing a Tax Exempt Order

To place a tax exempt order, please provide supporting documentation confirming your exemption from state sales tax issued
by the state taxing authority before placing an order.

  • Submit your tax exemption certification before placing your order. Sales tax exemptions cannot be applied retroactively,
    and sales taxes collected are not refundable.

Submit your tax exemption documentation via email to:

Once your tax exemption document has been verified, we will update your account at to reflect your tax exempt status,
and you will be able to make qualifying tax exempt purchases shipped to the address filed with your tax exemption.

  • Note: A sales tax permit, certificate of authority, sales tax return, sales tax number, and IRS exemption letter are not sufficient
    proof of exemption documents.