Online Resource Center - Individual License

Beginning with the 2021 Editions of the Too Good High School curriculum, many of the lesson resources are now provided to the classroom instructor through the Too Good Online Resource Center to replace printed display items and DVD-based multimedia content. You can access, print, download, and/or display visual aids and teaching materials to support your in class program implementation including:

  • Multimedia Content
  • Evaluation Instruments
  • Lesson Extenders
  • Home Workouts
  • Family Activities
  • Parent Letters 

The Too Good Curriculum Kits supported in the Online Resource Center include:

  • Too Good for Drugs High School - 2021 Edition
  • TGFV - Social Perspectives High School - 2021 Edition 
  • Too Good for Drugs & Violence High School - 2021 Edition

Each Individual License provides access for one person to use the Too Good Online Resource Center.  The Too Good Online Resource Center Individual License provides access to the digital resources associated with a particular kit purchase. The license is valid for five years from activation.