Introducing A Peaceable Place Grade 2

Blog · Jan 17, 2020

At the Mendez Foundation, we believe strongly in a comprehensive, coordinated approach to developing the skills and attitudes children and adolescents need to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the life ahead of them.  Our approach promotes and supports a safe and supportive learning environment that helps establish and reinforce healthy, violence-free, and drug-free norms at home, in the community, and at school. As we developed the Too Good curricula for students, we took this comprehensive directive even further in building our programs because we believe that, while students spend a great deal of time in school, families, and communities also provide critical learning environments and those learning relationships should be included to support and reinforce the learning. 

Our first prevention programs were first introduced to classrooms in 1979 with the first Grade 6 Meology class.  From this early implementation, our curriculum design philosophy expanded over time to form the Too Good family of programs serving students K-12:  Too Good for Drugs, TGFV A Peaceable Place and Social Perspectives, and Celebrating Healthy Choices.  


children playingToday, the Too Good for Violence program continues to prepare students with the skills, knowledge, and pro-social norms they need for positive social development and supportive relationships, mitigating the risk factors associated with problem behaviors by addressing poor social skills, peer rejection, inappropriate social behaviors, and friends who engage in problem behaviors. The program builds protection within the student by providing opportunities for pro-social involvement, establishing positive norms including healthy beliefs and clear standards, promoting bonding to pro-social peers, and increasing personal and social skills. 


In January 2020, we celebrate another evolution in our programming:
TGFV A Peaceable Place Grade 2 - 2020 Edition.  This revised edition of TGFV for Grade 2 is informed by the same behavioral learning and modeling constructs and logic model to offer enhanced interactive learning activities to prepare young learners to make healthy choices and be positive peers all in the easy to teach and fun to learn format central to all of the Too Good programs. 


We have returned to Too Good for Violence’s original name A Peaceable Place for our Kindergarten through Grade 5 classrooms. We are really excited about this change because we feel it best reflects the positive development and healthy, pro-social capacity-building goals and spirit of the lessons and activities.  We feel it fits better with the unlimited possibilities and optimism that lay in front of our youngest learners. TGFV Social Perspectives will continue to headline the Too Good for Violence program for our Middle School and High School classrooms.



TGFV A Peaceable Place - Grade 2, teaches children to put their best foot forward through song, puppets, and fun, interactive activities.  Starring Wagner, the Peace-Able Pup, second graders show Wagner how to get along with other students and celebrate their differences through an interactive journey of setting reachable goals, communicating effectively, and making responsible decisions.  Through independent, paired, and group learning activities, students learn essential social skills and self-regulation skills including how to get to know others, resolve conflict peacefully, and help Wagner learn to treat others with care, kindness, and respect. 



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