Expansion Units

Putting It All Together

We have assembled these Expansion Units to make it easier to deliver both Too Good for Drugs and TGFV - A Peaceable Place or TGFV - Social Perspectives as a single contiguous course.

Whether you are looking for a program to prevent substance use, violence, or bullying, looking to promote character and citizenship, or just build social emotional capacity in your students, the core social skills development foundation built in at each grade level prepares children and adolescents for success at in school and in life.

These easy-to-assemble kits provide everything you will need to expand your existing Too Good for Drugs Teacher's Manual with the additional five Skills Application Lessons from the corresponding TGFV program.

Expansion Units Include:

  • Teacher's Manual Supplement
  • Expanded Fidelity Instruments
  • Expanded Student Outcomes Instruments
  • Lesson Activity Materials
  • Supplemental Student Workbooks

Each Expansion Unit Kit includes activity materials to support a class of up to 24 students.

    Expansion Units by Grade Level