Student Workbooks - Recent Editions

The Student Workbook is an integral part of the interactive Too Good lessons. The Student Workbook is the student's resource and participation guide through the lesson activities. The Student Workbook applies lessons on Setting Reachable Goals, Making Responsible Decisions, Identifying and Managing Emotions, Effective Communication, and Bonding and Relationships through paired, group, and individual learning activities. Handouts and takeaways are incorporated into the workbook to simplify lesson delivery.

Reorders and Replenishment

The items on this page are previous versions of the Student Workbooks. When reordering Student Workbooks, please check the Item Number on the back of the Student Workbooks you wish to replenish to ensure you select the item compatible with your version of the program. We offer the current version and most recent version of the Student Workbooks. Updated versions of Student Workbooks are not compatible with previous versions. If you are not sure which version of the program you are using, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.