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TGFV - Social Perspectives
High School

The 2021 Edition of TGFV - Social Perspectives for High School prepares students with the skills they need for academic, social, and life success.

Students learn how to navigate the challenges of social and academic pressures through making responsible decisions, managing stress and anger, reflecting on personal relationships, and resolving conflict peacefully.

Collaborative and experiential learning strategies help students practice the skills proven to prevent violence and promote respectful, supportive relationships.

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Too Good Today

  • What's News? Spring 2022

    What's News? Spring 2022


    The C.E. Mendez Foundation has long believed that children equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to prioritize their health and their futures will...

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  • Prioritizing Prevention

    Prioritizing Prevention


    National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW) is March 21-27 this year. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) devotes this week to educating parents...

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  • Just Add Water

    Just Add Water


    We’ve heard it a thousand times, “Drink more water,” but have you ever stopped to think about why we should choose water to drink?  Water isn’t...

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