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News · Feb 08, 2024


Community Connections

 - Publix Too Good for Drugs Jr. Gasparilla Distance Classic -

Saturday, February 17, 2024

The C. E. Mendez Foundation has deep roots in the Tampa area. Ongoing investments in the local community have been a part of our purpose and our mission for nearly a half century. This commitment to the well-being of the children in Tampa includes the annual Publix Too Good for Drugs Jr. Gasparilla Distance Classic.

This year's run is coming up on Saturday, February 17.  This exciting, energetic, fun day out for the whole family is the perfect chance for kids to get a little exercise and engage in some friendly competition.  Carmen the Cool Cat, Wagner the Peaceable Pup, and Pepperjack will be on hand to join families in rooting on the kids. 

Don't delay.  Online registration ends Wednesday, February 14, 2024.

See you on the starting line!

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Curriculum News

Too Good for Drugs - Grade 5

2024 Edition

Fifth graders zoom off on a journey of self-efficacy and interpersonal skills development in Too Good for Drugs Grade 5.  Students learn to set reachable goals, make responsible decisions, bond with pro-social peers, and refuse negative peer pressure.  

The interactive and engaging lessons are designed to mitigate the risk factors and enhance protective factors as students learn the health risks of alcohol, nicotine, and THC use and navigate complex social interactions and pressures both online and in person.

Students also learn about the safe use of prescription and OTC medicines.

In this update, Too Good for Drugs Grade 5 is supported in the Too Good Lesson Resources Center with access to downloadable content including Home Workouts, Evaluation Instruments, Lesson Visuals, Parent Letters, and Activity Instructions.

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Too Good for Drugs & A Peaceable Place Grade 5

2024 Edition

Self-efficacy and interpersonal skills development build a foundation for peaceful living in Too Good for Drugs &A Peaceable Place.  

In this bundle of Too Good for Drugs and A Peaceable Place for Grade 5, Fifth graders explore strategies to communicate assertively, make healthy choices, disagree respectfully, and cooperate to resolve conflict as they learn to identify and manage their emotions and bond with positive, pro-social peers.

Positive digital citizenship reinforces and promotes self-awareness and social awareness online and in person. Students learn to differentiate teasing from bullying and work together to find positive solutions in managing bullying situations.

Interactive social activities present stress management, anger management, and other self-regulation strategies to mitigate impulse and other risk factors for engaging in substance use and aggressive behavior.

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Prevention Best Practices

Happy New Day!

­Did you know over 90% of people who set New Year's resolutions give up on their New Year’s resolutions after a few months?

So, have you given up yet? 

Meet Sophia. She doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions; she makes New Day resolutions.
She sets realistic, reachable short-term goals for things that matter to her.

For instance, one of Sophia’s New Day resolutions is to eat healthy foods at lunch. An alarm goes off at 7:00AM every day to remind her to pack food items like apple slices and cucumber sticks.

Another of Sophia’s New Day resolutions is to stick to an exercise routine. So, another alarm goes off at 6:30PM, to remind her that it’s time for her to start her evening walk.

Sophia’s self-confidence and self-efficacy help her stay the course towards reaching her New Day resolutions. She’s confident that her commitment to reaching her goals will prepare her to overcome any obstacles she will face along the way. 

Make your short-term New Day resolutions. Setting daily reminders help.

Be like Sophia.

Upcoming Open Enrollment Trainings

Curriculum Trainings:

February 6-8, 2024 - Atlanta, GA
June 18-20, 2024 - Chicago, IL
October 8-10, 2024 - Boston, MA

Training of Trainers Workshop:

March 26-27, 2024 - Atlanta, GA

Too Good Curriculum Trainings combine evidence-based prevention strategies and proven best practices to give you the skills, knowledge base, and confidence to deliver Too Good effectively and with results.  Our professional trainers bring extensive, real-world classroom experience to the training sessions so you can get the most out of your Too Good implementation.  

Single day sessions at each development level for Too Good for Drugs and Too Good for Violence, for Elementary, Middle School, and High School and Middle School for Seeds of Nutrition are available.

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