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The Sky’s the Limit

A Peaceable Place - Grade 5

2024 Edition


Fifth graders soar to new heights on their journey to a peaceable place.  Students use the interpersonal skills set developed by A Peaceable Place to form relationships and meaningful connections, resolve problems, deescalate conflict, and manage bullying situations.  A Peaceable Place empowers students with the tools they need to be positive role models in their schools and communities and positive digital citizens online.

Through fun, interactive learning games, activities, and role-plays, students learn how to communicate assertively, disagree respectfully, cooperate to resolve a conflict, and recognize and respond to bullying situations online and in-person.

Students discuss the role of reporting bullying situations for the benefit and safety of everyone involved.  They practice peaceful methods to manage bullying situations in a healthy way for the bully, the target, and the witness.

A Peaceable Place is supported in the Too Good Lesson Resources Center with access to downloadable content including Home Workouts, Evaluation Instruments, Lesson Visuals, Family Letters, and Activity Instructions to facilitate lesson preparation and data collection. 

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Prevention Best Practices


Head Back to School with a Positive Mindset


Johnny was confident he was ready for the new school year to begin.  Decked out in a cool new T-shirt featuring his favorite video game, he even wore the brand-new pair of jeans he’d saved up all summer to buy.
However, as soon as he slid into homeroom to proudly show off the stylish, new pair of sneakers that he also bought, Johnny suddenly started to feel nervous, anxious, worried, and even slightly overwhelmed by everything that lay ahead.

Johnny’s not alone.

Everyone feels skittish about going back to school.  Classmates.  Teachers.  Even Johnny’s bus driver tensed up as soon as he opened the bus door to let the first student climb aboard.

But Johnny’s hesitation was mitigated once his homeroom teacher, Mrs. Grabel, called him by name and smiled at him.  Johnny’s nervous energy diminished even more when Mrs. Grabel divided the class into small groups and asked them to work together on a group activity.

She asked each group to get to know one another and work together on setting a shared goal.  Then Mrs. Grabel asked her students to envision themselves achieving their goals.  After he got to know his teammates and started to feel comfortable interacting with them, Johnny started to feel more relaxed and his first day jitters disappeared.

As soon as that happened, Johnny’s self-confidence was bolstered and he became eager and excited to tackle everything that would be headed his way on day two and beyond.

Once Johnny committed to maintaining a positive mindset, he became confident in his ability to handle the adjustments of the new school year with ease.  After he envisioned himself achieving his goals, he became protective of them and chose not to participate in any risky behaviors that might jeopardize his ability to strive towards achieving them.

Your new batch of students this year will probably feel just like Johnny.  Call them by name as soon as possible.  Smile.  Encourage them to get to know each other by interacting in group activities.  Share an overview about everything that lies ahead.

Encourage your students to develop a positive mindset at the beginning of the school year.

There's no time like the present.  Start Today.

Upcoming Open Enrollment Trainings


Curriculum Trainings:

October 3-5, 2023 – Boston, MA

February 6-8, 2024 – Atlanta, GA


Too Good Curriculum Trainings combine evidence-based prevention strategies and proven best practices to give you the skills, knowledge base, and confidence to deliver Too Good effectively and with results.  Our professional trainers bring extensive, real-world classroom experience to the training sessions so you can get the most out of your Too Good implementation.  

Single day sessions at each development level for Too Good for Drugs and Too Good for Violence, for Elementary, Middle School, and High School and Middle School for Seeds of Nutrition are available.

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Upcoming Conferences

Here's where we'll be in the next few months.  If you're in the area, stop by and say hello.  We'd love to see you and find out how your prevention efforts are going.


ASAP New York

Albany, New York
September 10-13, 2023


Community Anti-Drug Coalition Annual National Leadership Forum

Washington, DC
January 29 - February 1, 2024

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