Below are a few of the comments we've received from people who have implemented Too Good in their communities...

My favorite part of the program is how easy it is to deliver. The concepts and objectives are in depth but the program delivery is accessible to all students who are participating.
- Colleen D., Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
The social and emotional skills that are being taught are done so in a way that is age appropriate. I always felt confident that what I was teaching was going to connect with that age group.
~ Colleen D., Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
I personally like the home workout component to allow the students an opportunity to talk to their parents or a trusted adult about some important topics. I also like the way the lessons were created. Each lesson starts with an introduction, then does 2 or 3 activities to prevent the lesson from getting stagnant. The students are always anxiously waiting to see what is up next. We usually have students that are upset or sad when we are on the 9th lesson, knowing the next lesson will be our last. Last, I enjoy the workbooks. There is something special about giving a student a workbook they can call theirs, plus the workbook helps the student remember the lessons they learned during the program.
- Lisa L., Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation
Some benefits that I found from the program are that students learn positive social skills to use at home and at school and that they are able expand their vocabulary to connect their feelings with the things that are going on around them.
- Aroel G., Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority
The biggest positive result we saw was in the students response to peer pressure and goal setting. Students really caught on to setting small goals for themselves to reach their academic potential and in learning about the different types of peer pressures the students began to understand there are different ways to say no and even modeled some of these skills in the classroom with peers.
- Aroel G., Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority