Web-Based Lesson Resources

As the role of technology and its availability in the classroom grows, innovation in the behavioral health field is enhanced in step. We have added web-based resources to select curriculum volumes to enhance your lesson delivery and maximize fidelity of implementation.

Lesson Resource Packs

Select editions of Too Good for Drugs, Too Good for Violence, and Seeds of Nutrition include a Lesson Resources Pack as part of the curriculum kit.

Display Cards, Student Handouts, Activity Instructions, Home Workouts in English and Spanish, Evaluation Instruments, Family Letters in English and Spanish, and Completion Certificates can be quickly accessed for print, download, and/or distribution.

Instructors can access and print these resources for easier lesson preparation and classroom dissemination.

High School kits include access to the dedicated high school Online Resource Center to manage and present lesson content from a web-enabled device in the classroom.  

      Organized for Ease of Use

      The lesson resources are presented in the order they appear in the course and thumbnail images in the Lesson Resource Center match thumbnail images of these resources in the Teacher Manual to help you pace your lesson delivery and ease lesson preparation.

      Elementary and Middle School Lesson Resource Packs:

      Lesson materials for elementary and middle school are hosted on the Too Good Lesson
      Resource Center for easy access to download, review, and/or print as part of your lesson
      preparation and classroom delivery.

      In addition, the program’s Evaluation Instruments are hosted here. Use the Evaluation Instruments to assess the fidelity of your program implementation and measure the effects of your program delivery on your students.


      High School Lesson Resource Packs

      Lesson materials for High School are hosted at the Too Good Online Resource Center. Here you can present the companion web-based course materials in your classrooms as part of your lesson delivery. Web-based resources can be viewed for live presentation or printed for distribution to your students. High School Curriculum Kits with assets in the Too Good Online Resource Center include two Lesson Resource Pack Licenses for Teachers and Evaluators to access the Lesson Resources.

      Getting Started 

      Once you have purchased a Curriculum Kit that includes web-based Lesson Resources, we will assist you or your administrator in providing access to your implementation team. 

      Schedule an Implementation Consultation


      Lesson Resource Packs are included with these programs:




      For more information, email us or call 800-750-0986, and we will be happy to assist you.  

      Student eBooks

      Too Good for Drugs and TGFV-Social Perspectives High School implementations can be outfitted with eBook format Student Workbooks instead of the printed Student Workbooks.

      Students use the Online Resource Center to access their Student eBooks in the classroom setting together.

      The Student eBooks function like the printed Student Workbooks do in the classroom.  Each student participates in the lessons from his or her own device for individual learning activities. 

      Paired and group learning activities function in the same way with printed Student Workbooks and Student eBooks preserving the social and interactive learning at the core of the Too Good program design.  




      Getting Started

      Once you have purchased a Curriculum Kit that includes eBook Student Workbooks, we will assist you or your administrator in providing access to your implementation team. To begin planning your implementation with Student eBooks, schedule an implementation consultation and we will work with you to tailor your implementation to meet your needs.

      Schedule an Implementation Consultation


      eBook Student Workbooks are available for these Too Good programs:


      For more information, email us or call 800-750-0986, and we will be happy to assist you.  


      System Requirements

      PlatformMinimum OSRecommended OS
      iPadiOS 11iOS 12, iOS 13
      Android TabletAndroid 8Android 8
      WindowsWindows 7, 64 bitWindows 10, 64 bit
      Operating SystemInternet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari 
      Windows 7+YesYesYes 
      Mac 10.11+ YesYesYes
      iOS 11+ (iPad Only)   Yes
      Android 8 (Tablet Only)  Yes