Stress Is a Good Thing

Blog · Sep 21, 2023

Stress is the body’s physical and emotional response to the challenges we face, and in life, everyone must contend with challenges from time to time.  Stress is a byproduct of pushing ourselves for more in life.

A short-lived, moderate amount of stress offers a slew of useful benefits for improved alertness, enhanced performance, and a boost in memory.  Stress encourages you to perform at your best and motivates you to rise up to all the challenges you face, so you can continue striving to achieve your goals.

Too much stress can have negative effects, both mental and physical, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from what your body is telling you.  Don’t ignore it in the hopes it will go away on its own.

Stress is a harbinger.  It shows up to warn you whenever you need to deal with a problem or when you’ve taken on something serious that needs your attention and preparation.

Stress is the body’s way of telling you, “Hey, let’s do some self-preservation right now.” When you use healthy, proactive stress management strategies, you can regulate the body’s response to stress, so it doesn’t overwhelm you.  So, the next time you start to feel stressed, take time to recognize the emotion. Don’t react to it.  Just acknowledge it’s there.

Now stop what you’re doing.

Take a deep breath.

Count to ten.

Think about what’s been going on around you to make you feel this way. Perhaps you worry about obligations in your job, the needs of your family, or paying the bills.  Think about tangible events or obligations that weigh on you.  When you have isolated what’s on your mind, you can then assemble plans to address them.  Then you can develop tactics to help you pick up on its signals in the future, manage it, and make it work for you.

Here are some stress management strategies for you to consider: 


Stay Active

Keep your body moving.  A regular exercise routine boosts fitness, both physical and mental, to smooth out responses to stress and embolden your outlook improving your overall well-being.

Maybe you want to get in a little jogging, swimming, biking, or walking, or perhaps you prefer to take in a spinning, yoga, or cardio class at your local gym.  No matter what physical activity you choose, staying active has been proven to reduce stress and lessen the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

Take the dog out for a run or brisk walk too.  You probably won’t even have to ask twice.  No doubt Fido will be over the moon today and eagerly anticipate doing the same thing tomorrow.  Canines and their owners alike benefit from exercise and active mobility.  It’s a doggie-win-win.


Stay Healthy

Adhering to a healthy diet focused on nutrient-dense foods also mitigates your stress level, bolsters your mood, and improves your health.

When you commit to eating for sustenance and nourishment, and choose a diet full of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and a variety of nutrient-dense, protein-rich foods you’ll start to feel stronger, and you’ll be better equipped to build up your immunity.


Stay Positive

Everyone’s heard the adage, “Think happy thoughts…,” but do you?  The human brain is capable of producing a positive way of thinking on a continual basis.  This doesn’t mean you should shy away from or ignore unpleasant situations.  Instead, approach everything with an optimistic point of view.

Positive thinking is a crucial element of effective stress management.  Hopeful self-talk, such as starting sentences with statements like, “I can…” or “I will…” helps you stay positive, even when you’re facing a challenging situation.  So can jotting down your positive thoughts and feelings in a daily journal.  Write about what gives you joy, what activities you love doing, and the goals you’re pleased you recently accomplished.

You may be surprised to find the source of your stress isn’t what you thought it was.  You’ll likely decide it wasn’t even worth stressing over in the first place.

Think the best.  Expect the best.  Go for the best.

Find out what happens.

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