The revised Too Good for Drugs High School is here!

Blog · May 26, 2016

Summer is drawing near, but we have some exciting news before you launch into your vacations—the revised edition of Too Good for Drugs High School is here! The revised program features an enhanced delivery model with interactive games and activities that promote social and academic success through practice and positive reinforcement.  The course has been expanded to address current and developing trends and temptations facing students, including various nicotine delivery devices, prescription drug misuse, and the increased societal normalization of marijuana use.

Open Training sessions starting this June will include the Revised High School program.

With the help of educators, counselors, law enforcement officers, and prevention specialists, our evidence-based curriculum equips teens with the skills they need to resist negative influence that may lead to substance use, as well as prepares them for academic success that will carry over into their college and professional careers.

So before you pack up for the beach or the mountains or your long planned travels abroad, make sure you are stocked up for your fall implementation!

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