3 Tips for a Positive School Year

News · Sep 16, 2016

School is back in session, and summer is winding down. It won’t be long before the first nip of fall will be in the air, which means October and Red Ribbon Week are just around the corner. This October 23-31, youth will celebrate substance-free living with this year’s Red Ribbon Week slogan “YOLO. Be Drug Free.”
It is common for youth to perceive drug-use as normal, but in actuality most youth do not use drugs or alcohol. And when kids say or hear “YOLO” this is the exact reason why. Our kids know they only have one chance at life, and rather than risking it on drugs and alcohol, they embrace healthy activities.

How will your school or organization choose to raise awareness for living healthy, substance-free lives? Red Ribbon Week is the perfect time for Celebrating Healthy Choices. This one-week activity set helps you make the most of special school-wide events for your Kindergarten through Grade 5 students. Everything you need to organize your school-wide event, including plans and scripts for opening and closing assemblies, as well as fully scripted fun and engaging activities, is provided in straightforward kits. Activities include songs, raps, and puppet play that teach students the social emotional skills they need to make healthy choices. Students learn rap lyrics and get a chance to perform them at a school-wide performance. Celebrating Healthy Choices is a fun way to bring everyone together to foster a healthier school climate and celebrate a good cause.

YOLO. So make healthy choices and stay drug free.

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