Social Perspectives Grade 5 - 2019 Edition Expansion Unit

The evidence-based Too Good for Violence - Social Perspectives program empowers fifth graders with the tools they need to be positive role models in their schools and communities. Through fun, interactive games, activities, and role-plays, students learn skills like how to communicate assertively, disagree respectfully, cooperate to resolve a conflict, and recognize and respond to bullying situations.

This Expansion Unit adds these essential social constructs to your Too Good for Drugs Grade 5 curriculum to create a single seamless implementation.

Expansion Unit Kit - Item #C9550

Compatible with TGFD Grade 5 2019 Edition, Teacher Manual #A3501


  • Expansion Unit Teacher Manual Insert
  • 30 Student workbooks
  • Approaches to Conflict Poster
  • How to De-escalate a Conflict Poster
  • Bullying Response Strategy Display Cards
  • Pre-Flight Check Card Game, 4 sets
  • Navigator Card Game, 1 set
  • Mission Training Board Game, 4 sets

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