Maximizing Life

Professional learning for adults designed to strengthen the self-efficacy and interpersonal skills necessary to build mutually beneficial relationships, contribute to individual well-being, and boost career satisfaction.  

Developed for educators by educators, Maximizing Life fosters a commitment to student success in school and in life by enhancing skills in educators to maximize their role as models for their students. 

The online learning factor of Maximizing Life allows participants to learn and complete the modules at their own pace.  The lesson structure is made of smaller contained learning units that can be incorporated into even the busiest of schedules.  Each learning block includes small group activities to apply and review the learning is shared, cooperative activities to foster shared learning experiences. 

Program Features

  • Online modules designed for independent learning and to fit into participants schedules.
  • 10 lesson modules with three 30-minute segments for ease of use and time management.
  • Interactive learning design.
  • Activity designs engage multiple intelligence learning modalities.
  • Individual and small group learning modalities.
  • Cooperative learning to enhance participant engagement and team building.