Celebrating Healthy Choices Grade 1

Carmen the Cool Cat helps students identify effective communication styles for different situations; recognize how body language conveys feelings; and demonstrate good listening skills. 

Students explore the effects of tone of voice and body language in communicating a message. Students also study effective communication styles and how they work in a variety of situations and practice expressing their feelings in a calm and respectful manner. Students learn that when they communicate effectively with others, they can build stronger, healthier friendships.

Activity Kit - Item #A5100 


ASACHC Elementary Grade 1

The Too Good toolkit includes everything you need to teach the lessons:

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Coordinator’s Manual
  • Communication Rap Poster
  • Carmen Situation Cards

Optional Carmen Puppet sold separately

Curriculum Features include:

  • Three fully scripted 20 minute activities.
  • Clearly stated, measurable objectives and a list of materials needed to teach the activity.
  • Teacher prompts and anticipated student responses keep the delivery easy, paced, and on time.

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