Celebrating Healthy Choices Grade 2 Kit

Wagner the Peace-Able Pup takes students on a journey to name a variety of emotions, identify and practice positive ways to manage emotions, recognize how facial expressions convey feelings, and recognize the emotions of others. The ability to identify and manage emotions builds self-confidence and enhances decision-making and communication skills necessary to build positive, pro-social friendships and resist risky behavior.

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The Too Good toolkit includes everything you need to teach the lessons:

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Coordinator’s Manual
  • Emotion Control Rap Poster
  • Emotion Management Strategies Poster
  • Wagner Emotion Picture Cards

Optional Wagner plush Puppet sold separatley

Curriculum features include:

  • Three fully scripted 20 minute activities.
  • Clearly stated, measurable objectives and a list of materials needed to teach the activity.
  • Teacher prompts and anticipated student responses keep the delivery easy, paced, and on time.

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