My Yearbook Picture Role Play

My Year Book Picture role play set includes scripts for each player including the Narrator, Bella, Blake, Howard, and Nikki. In this fun whole class activity, students find out how decisions can be made for us if we don't face them head on. A bad yearbook picture won't have lasting negative consequences, but it reminds us think before we act or don't act.

Printed on durable card stock. 

Part of:

  • TGFD High School 2021 Edition Kit 
  • TGFV-Social Perspectives High School 2021 Edition Kit 
  • TGFD&V High School 2021 Edition Kit 

Compatible with:

  • TGFD High School Teacher Manual #HS3951
  • TGFV-Social Perspectives High School Teacher Manual #HS4101
  • TGFD&V High School Teacher Manual #HS4151 

Item #HS3910