TGFV - A Peaceable Place Grade 1 - 2020 Edition Teacher's Manual

The Revised Edition of TGFVA Peaceable Place Grade 1 builds a solid social emotional foundation through fun and interactive social emotional learning of setting reachable goals, communicating effectively, and making responsible decisions.  The program focuses on developing students’ social-emotional skills and reinforces those skills through interactive, social activities.

Carmen the Cool Cat takes the students on a fun and engaging journey through learning and exploration. The students launch into the activities with one of Carmen's riddles as they learn the fundamentals of setting reachable goals by identifying what they want to learn to be able to do. In the lessons that follow, the students learn what it means to be a peace maker, celebrate differences, and solve problems. 

Cooperative learning designs promote bonding through small group activities, song, and games. 

Daily Workouts, Home Workouts, and cross-curricular activities follow each lesson so students can practice and apply the concepts developed in each lesson at home and with their peers.

Item# C8151