Too Good for Drugs Grade 2 - 2019 Edition Teacher's Manual

The Revised Edition of Too Good for Drugs  Grade 2 builds a foundation for drug-free living through a fun and interactive journey of setting reachable goals, communicating effectively, and making responsible decisions.  The program focuses on developing students’ social-emotional skills and reinforces those skills through interactive, social activities.

Second graders meet Wagner and his cast of furry friends as they discover how to set reachable goals and make responsible decisions.  Students go on a scavenger hunt to find classmates who respond to their emotions in healthy ways, use I-messages to help Wagner communicate assertively, and practice their active listening skills with their Listen Up Pups.

Students help Wagner manage peer pressure from his classmates and learn strategies for refusing the pressure.  With the help of their band of healthy superheroes they learn to handle mistakes in healthy ways.  Students help Wagner’s friends learn about the safe use prescription and over-the-counter medications and help Wagner make healthy choices so he can make it to hockey practice before he runs out of energy.   

Daily Workouts, Home Workouts, and cross-curricular activities follow each lesson so students can practice and apply the concepts developed in each lesson at home and with their peers.

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