Too Good for Drugs Kindergarten Teacher's Manual

Kindergartners learn what makes a great day as they explore the elements of setting short term goals. This age-appropriate, interactive curriculum promotes positive youth development and drug-free living. Tuggles the Teddy Bear will delight children as he helps them learn how to make healthy choices, identify their feelings, and bond positively with peers.

Teacher’s Manual includes:

  • Ten fully scripted 30 – 45 minute lessons.
  • Clearly stated, measurable objectives and a list of materials needed to teach the lesson.
  • Teacher prompts and anticipated student responses keep the delivery easy, paced and on time.
  • Assessment materials to measure program effectiveness, fidelity of implementation, and student knowledge.
  • "Home Workout: Exercises for adults and kids,” extends skill development and messages into the home for practice and reinforcement.
  • "Looking for More?" with extending learning, recommended reading, and additional activities to reinforce important concepts and skills. Program logic model including the program’s research base and theory of change and the proven strategies incorporated into the lessons.
  • Strategies for building family and school connectedness to reinforce the healthy social and emotional development of the students in and out of school.

Discontinued - No Longer Available

Item # A4001