Available in August: Revised Editions of Too Good For Drugs Grade 1 and TGFV- A Peaceable Place Grade 1

News · Jul 13, 2020

The Mendez Foundation is excited to announce the upcoming release of the revised 2020 editions of Too Good for Drugs and Too Good for Violence – A Peaceable Place for Grade 1. The 2020 editions of these evidence-based programs will be ready in August, in time for fall implementation. These revised editions follow the same easy-to-teach and fun-to-learn format central to all of the Too Good programs. Informed by our logic model, research-backed behavioral learning strategies and modeling constructs, the Grade 1 2020 editions offer enhanced interactive games, new songs, and new Workbooks to prepare young learners to make healthy choices and be positive peers. These revised editions provide a comprehensive, coordinated approach to skills development and promote resiliency through scripted lessons, games, and opportunities to practice core concepts.


Grade 1 Too Good for Drugs 2020 Edition

In the Too Good for Drugs 2020 edition for Grade 1, Carmen the Cool Cat engages students in fun activities and lessons to build a foundation for healthy living. First graders learn about recognizing and responding to peer pressure, understanding the safe use of medicines, avoiding harmful substances, and making healthy choices. Scripted lessons, interactive games, and riddles teach character development skills such as goal setting and decision making, as well as healthy strategies for communicating with peers and asking for help from trusted adults. Cooperative games featuring building forts, snowmen, and s’mores deliver age-appropriate lesson content on the safe use of medicines, how to recognize and avoid harmful substances, and provide fun practice opportunities for making safe, healthy choices.


Grade 1 Too Good for Violence- A Peaceable Place 2020 Edition

The 2020 Edition of Grade 1 Too Good for Violence-A Peaceable Place teaches students essential social and self-regulation skills including how to resolve conflict peacefully and treat others with care, kindness, and respect.  Carmen the Cool Cat helps students to recognize and identify emotions, and promotes the development of their self-awareness.  Interactive games and songs teach children to recognize the physical signals of a building emotion, provide strategies for learning to calm down and keep emotions from escalating, and readies children to practice thinking through their decisions and looking for cooperative approaches to resolving conflict.  Regular practice and reinforcement of these skills will prepare them for a confident future.  Each curriculum kit includes enhanced Student Workbooks, downloadable original songs, lovable puppets, and new interactive games to make learning fun for the whole class.

Available in August 2020

Visit toogoodprograms.org in August 2020 to purchase your TGFD Grade 1 2020 Edition Kit or TGFV- A Peaceable Place Grade 1 2020 Edition, and come back later in the fall for the release of the Kindergarten 2020 Revised Editions of Too Good for Drugs and Too Good for Violence- A Peaceable Place.

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